Program & Presentations

symposium 2 november 2017

Program & Presentations

Download program (english) Program 2 november 2017 Wild-Vets.pdf

Bob van den Brink

Opening & Welcoming

download presentation: Vets in the Wild - Opening and closing.pdf

Professor Wouter van Hoven (Ecolife South Africa)

The role and importance of the veterinarian in the conservation of South African Wildlife. What can we learn from South Africa

Sonja Ciccaglione

Wildlife Veterinarian/Natural resources manager

Experiences of an European Wildlife Vet. A case of disease control with ethical implications. What happens if a new infectious animal disease is discovered that can transfer from one species to another.

download presentation: Vets in the Wild 071117 Sonja.Ciccaglione_poxvirus outbreack.pdf

Professor dr. Andrea Gröne

(Dutch Wildlife Health Centre)

Wildlife disease surveillance in the Netherlands. How to avoid risks like the dispersion of African Swine Fever?

dr. Franck Meijboom


To what level should you give medical care to wild animals. When is this not justified. About ethics and Animal Welfare.

Download presentation : WildVets Franck Meijboom Ethics 02-11-2017.pdf

Pim Lollinga

(Faunavisie Wildcare)

Basic field diagnosis. What is wrong with this animal? Sometimes it is not what it looks like.

download presentation: vets in the wild 2 nov 2017 Pim Lollinga Faunavisie Wildcare

mr. drs Luuk Boerema

(Boerema & van den Brink B.V./


The Dutch Nature Conservation Act and the Act on protection of Animals; About care for wild animals. The Case 'Oostvaardersplassen'.

download presentation: Vets in the Wild 2 november 2017 - Luuk Boerema The Nature Conservation Act &%

Professor Wouter van Hoven (Ecolife South Africa)

Restoration Wildlife in Angola/Project Ark of Noah

Professor Wouter van Hoven: The 27 year long civil war in Angola has devastated the national parks and wildlife populations of this beautiful country. In cooperation with the Angolan government we planned the return of many locally extinct species including elephant. All animals had to be airlifted, including elephant in family groups and giraffe. We will discuss this operation, how it was planned and the scientific ecology behind it and where it stands today. Two international awards were awarded to Prof. W van Hoven for spearheading this program.

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